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Welcome To Premier Paint Works, Your Premier Destination For Top-Quality Paint Services. With A Passion For Perfection And A Commitment To Excellence, We Are Dedicated To Transforming Your Spaces Into Breathtaking Works Of Art. Our Team Of Highly Skilled And Experienced Painters Brings Years Of Expertise To Every Project, Ensuring Meticulous Attention To Detail And Flawless Results.

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House Painting Services Auckland – Work With Professional House Painters

A house is a dream for many that they see for years before finally realising it. We understand that and are always looking to offer services that have been customised to meet your ideas and expectations. Our team members are patient as they carefully listen to your thoughts and spend time understanding your expectations. This ensures we are able to plan well in advance and can deliver satisfactory results. 

We keep ourselves updated with current trends and can suggest the latest themes, designs, and decor concepts that will make your living space feel more homely. Additionally, if you are planning to rent, lease, or put your property on the market for hosting guests, it is incredibly important to create a comfortable living space with a vivid personality of its own.

Our range of tools and equipment can bring your imagination to life without compromising on quality. While our residential house painters choose trustworthy and safe brands for painting your home, the team can oblige if you have a personal preference.

Exterior & Interior House Painters in Auckland

Many homeowners pay close attention to how their interiors look and last. They often end up neglecting or settling for less when it comes to the house’s exteriors. As important as having spectacular interiors, the exteriors of your home also need attention.

They are always exposed to the elements, and lack of proper care and attention can lead to the exteriors giving up without any clearly visible signs of wear and tear. Our team understands this, and when we are speaking with you about how your interiors should look, we also bring this to your notice. Getting your Interiors And Exteriors Painted together is an economically sound decision.

As local residential house painters, we understand the Auckland weather situation at its best. We can suggest paint coats that temper a new life to your property while also ensuring long-term protection against the elements.

If you have been wanting to add textures to your interiors and exteriors, our team can present practical ideas that are easy to maintain & are guaranteed to enhance the aesthetics of your property. We are willing to experiment, and if you have been collecting possible ideas for the next painting for your living space, feel free to explore them with our team!

Trusted Residential House Painters in Auckland

We have been providing residential house painting services in Auckland for years, and we understand the nature of House Painting requirements households may have. Painting your residential property tempers a new lease of life into the walls while rejuvenating its energy. Whether you want to experiment with the latest modern looks or want your living space to go back in time with a vintage theme, we’ve got everything you need.

Our experts can help bring your idea of a living space to life. With countless positive reviews and having seen residents beam with joy upon seeing their newly finished painted properties, we understand that you are also making an emotional investment. Throughout the process, our team will maintain transparency on the progress and the process being followed to achieve your goals. We are committed to your safety and satisfaction.

Our team uses only the highest paints, finishes, tools, and equipment standards to prevent any later inconvenience. We are a team of local residential house painters who are committed to excellence. Moreover, we understand the discomfort caused during the process. Rest assured, our experts are working efficiently for a quicker turnaround. With all the necessary permits and licenses, you are partnering with trusted and reliable professionals.

More reasons to connect with us:

  • We are seasoned professionals who have been servicing the Auckland area for years.
  • Our understanding of the current market needs is achieved through our skills and experience.
  • We offer faster turnarounds while ensuring your property shines like new.
  • Free quote after a thorough inspection conducted by our team.
  • We use only superior-quality materials to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • Our team has the required permits and licenses for a hassle-free residential painting service experience.
  • We understand your concerns, and our team is present to assist you throughout the process.
  • You are banking on people who have a reputation for delivering impeccable services and fostering long-lasting services.

Contact Our Team: Reach Out to Discuss Your Residential Painting Needs

If you have been looking for a team that treats your living space with the utmost dedication, then it is time to Get In Touch with our team. We have been servicing Auckland for years, and we understand the concerns, expectations, and needs of the local community like the back of our hands. Whether it’s about getting a fresh coat of paint or aspiring to change the face of your living space completely, our experienced team can help.

Our team specialises in bringing the best value out of your property. Whether it is interior or exterior painting, we offer quicker turnaround without compromising the quality of the work delivered. We understand that getting your home painted is a big investment. To make planning easier and more practical for you, our experts will inspect your property, its painting needs, and whether there is any damage that needs attention before the painting process begins.

Once we have concluded our inspection, we will hand over a free quote outlining the estimated costs. This will help you prepare for the process better without putting financial strain, and you can plan a budget in advance. Are you ready to experience the convenience that comes with working with Premier Paint Works?

Contact us on  0211 706 340. You can also email us at Mandy@Premierpaintworks.Co.Nz with your concerns or highlight any specific requirements or inquiries you may have.

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Sara Albert
Web Designer

"Premier Paint Works exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service. Their team of painters was professional, punctual, and attentive to detail. They transformed my home with a flawless paint job, and the results were outstanding. I highly recommend Premier Paint Works for any residential painting project."

James Millard

"I recently hired Premier Paint Works for a commercial painting project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their team was efficient, organized, and completed the job within the agreed-upon timeline. The quality of their work was impressive, and they demonstrated great attention to detail. Premier Paint Works is my go-to painting contractor for all my business needs."

Richerd William

"I had the pleasure of working with Premier Paint Works for an interior painting project in my home. From the initial consultation to the final touch-ups, their team displayed professionalism and expertise. They provided valuable color suggestions, and the end result was truly remarkable. Premier Paint Works is a reliable and top-notch painting service."

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    Auckland Painting FAQ’s – (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Getting painting started for your home is an exciting turn of events. Here are some steps you must know before starting out:

    • Opt for the right colour to ensure you do not have later regrets. Speak with an expert if you are not sure which colour to pick.
    • Surface preparation is as important as getting the right equipment and tools.
    • The direction of painting matters as it ensures that when lighting is fitted, the paint coats are uniform, and no white spot is visible.
    • Whether any protective layer of paint could be required to enhance the life and effectiveness of existing coats.
    Yes, we do. Our team of experts specialise in offering commercial and residential painting services. We are a top local choice and have a reputation for delivering exceptional services. If you are looking to change the face of your commercial property, speak with our experts today. Contact us on  0211 706 340. You can also email us at with your concerns or highlight any specific requirements or inquiries you may have. 

    Before we get started, here are some tasks that our experts will perform:

    • Preparing the surface by removing any rust or debris that can cause discolouration or disruption in maintaining a smooth texture.
    • Adding a layer of protective layer in the surrounding area to prevent paint from ruining your furniture and other items.
    • Priming the surface to give it a more even and smooth surface for a superior finish.
    • Working with you to decide on the right colour for your property.
    • Getting started with the painting process by applying layers of paint on the surface in a strategic way to ensure a great finish and quick drying. 

    Yes, we clean the walls before painting. This is a general practice that all our team members strictly follow. 

    Summers (unless a heatwave warning has been issued) are a good time to paint your exteriors as the moisture content is less, and the paint has a higher tendency to dry evenly. During other seasons, it can get difficult to get the paint to dry quickly. For safety and quality reasons, our experts may also stop work in case a weather warning has been issued.

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